Come and draw from the well

Spiritual center operated by the religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Praying differently

There are many ways of praying, and they can involve every dimension of our being.
That’s why the Centre suggests that you explore different paths leading us to God:
Because God allows himself to be heard, seen, tasted, touched and felt, praying with our 5 senses nourishes our spiritual life.
Because there are things that words are incapable of expressing, the clown, artistic creativity and bodily expression are other ways of living our relationship with God.
Because the saints will never stop coming to us and inspiring us, the discovery of the great spiritual figures that have preceded us helps the expression of our own prayer.
Because God expresses himself through Creation, the contemplation of nature allows us to recognise him, letting ourselves be filled with wonder.

There are no prerequisites, nor is any specialised knowledge required for any of these suggestions.