Can I benefit from a spiritual counselor outside of a retreat ?

Yes, it is perfectly possible to ask to meet with a spiritual counselor outside of a retreat.
The Spiritual Exercises are the experience of Ignatius. They suggest that we pray with a series of reflections on the life of Christ, designed to help the one praying to have more and more unity in their life. These meditations are done in silence, with individual accompaniment each day.
A retreat day can vary depending on the type of retreat you choose. It is punctuated by times of personal prayer with the Bible, times of prayer or Mass with other retreatants, times of relaxation, meals, walks…
Yes, we also offer theme retreats, contemplative retreats, individual or group spiritual retreats such as the Pascal Triduum, etc.
Sheets and towels are provided by the center. You should bring what you need for the duration of your stay:
To encourage listening to God and to respect each person’s own journey, the retreats are held in silence. Meals are taken in silence with accompanying music. Each day, retreatants meet with a spiritual counselor to share their prayer.
It’s not necessary to have had a retreat experience before coming to the center. Just the desire to make yourself available to listen to God and His Word !

I would like to visit the house. Do I need to make an appointment ?

To visit the house, it is best to make an appointment, as visits are not possible when retreats are in session.
The center welcomes people for retreats and spiritual stops. It is not a vacation, but a time to listen to the Word of God and be spiritually guided.
I can come even if I’m not a Christian or far from faith. However, I must have the desire to discover prayer and the Word of God and to be spiritually accompanied in order to progress on my spiritual path.
You can support the Center financially, by volunteering, or by spreading the word about what we do.

Is the center accessible to people with reduced mobility ?

The number of rooms with elevator access is limited. There is only one PMR room on the first floor.
No, there are no parking lots. We park on the street, on the Boulevard du Nord or in the square at the upper end the center.
There is a free shuttle on weekdays from 9am to 6pm you can catch it every hour at the station and get off at the “Porte du Bois” bus stop.

Contribution to costs

Accomodation (Sheet and towels are provided on site.) : 

Expenses for leading and facilitating retreats or multi-day sessions :

Costs vary according to the duration and importance of the activities (speakers’ fees, premises, secretariat, distribution).

Individual sessions :

N.B.: These guidelines are intended as a guide for everyone’s participation in the running of the center. Prices can be adjusted to suit individual financial circumstances. The financial aspect should not be a barrier. Don’t hesitate to ask these questions at the time of registration.

Payment for the stay :

N.B. : The center does not accept vouchers.
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