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Saint Madeleine-Sophie Barat

Foundress of the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Saint Madeleine-Sophie founded the Society of the Sacred Heart in 1800. Fascinated by the love of Christ and the desire to make it known throughout the world, she created a new apostolic life between interiority and union with the Heart of Jesus. She dedicated herself to the education of young girls and worked to give women a leading role in rebuilding the social and ecclesial structure.

Sophie Barat was born in 1779 in Joigny, in the heart of Burgundy, into a family of coopers. Since childhood, a fire burned in her heart: captivated by God, she was drawn to the contemplative religious life. Brought up in a deeply rooted Christian family, she received an exceptionally thorough education for the time, under the guidance of her brother Louis, who was destined to become a priest.

1789 turned everything upside down. Sophie was deeply affected by the French Revolution. This shock nourished her project to found a new congregation of women dedicated to the education of young girls, to honor the Heart of Christ and to spread God’s love.

The Society of the Sacred Heart was founded in 1800. Sophie and four other young women dedicated themselves to a new form of religious life, combining a life of prayer and work, one inspiring and stimulating the other. Sophie Barat was named Superior General in 1806.

She died in 1865. Sophie Barat was canonized in 1925. Today, she can also be prayed to, in the church of Saint-François-Xavier (Paris VIIe), where her body is buried.

The Home of the Barat family

Foundress of the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The House is being built
Maison de Sophie Barat - La Naissance de Sophie
Birth of Sophie Barat

The Barat House was built in the 16th century, after a terrible fire had devastated the town of Joigny. In the second half of the 18th century, it was occupied by Jacques Barat, a cooper by trade, and his wife Madeleine Fouffé. Sophie, their youngest daughter and future founder of the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, was born here on the night of December 12th, 1779.

1779 - 1819
The Barat family
Portrait de la jeune Sainte Madeleine-Sophie Barat
The life of the Barat family

The Barat family lived a simple life. Their professional and family life was marked by their work in the vineyards, in the light of an authentic faith, even if a little austere, which was soon tested by the rumblings of the Revolution. After the departure of their three children, the Barat parents remained alone in the family home. Jacques Barat died in 1809, but Madame Barat lived there until 1819.Après le départ de leurs trois enfants, les parents Barat restent seuls dans la maison familiale. Jacques Barat y meurt en 1809, mais Mme Barat continuera à l’habiter jusqu’en 1819.

1886 - 1894
The Society of the Sacred Heart buys the house
Plaque commémorative de Sainte Madeleine-Sophie Barat
The first community

In 1886, the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus bought the house. It hoped to attract many pilgrims by promoting the cause of Sophie Barat's beatification. The first community moved in, in 1894.

1994 - today
Inauguration of the Sophie Barat Center
Favicon Centre Sophie Barat
The Sophie Barat Center
In 1994, the inauguration of the Sophie Barat Center, desired by the Diocese and by the nuns of the Sacré-Cœur, marked a turning point for the house. The premises are adapted to meet the requirements of a spiritual center, and the life of the community there is restructured. Since then, the Center has developed its spiritual offerings and welcomed visitors from five continents due to the internationality of the congregation.

Family Home

After its renovation, the Sophie Barat Center has been equipped to welcome you in the best conditions, while preserving its original cachet.

The Sophie Barat Center offers :

You’ll also benefit from the proximity of the vineyards, the Othe forest and the banks of the Yonne.

Not forgetting the streets of Joigny, a city of art and history that has been named one of the 100 “Most beautiful itineraries in France”.

Vineyard House

Just a 5 minute walk from the Sophie Barat Center, The Vineyard House offers you :

This house can be used as an addition to the Sophie Barat Center or independently.

Maison de Sophie Barat - Logement "la maison des vignes"

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The house includes the Spiritual Center, with its bedrooms, meeting rooms, work and relaxation rooms, Sophie's House, with the possibility of visiting her birthplace and the family attic, 3 outdoor gardens...

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