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Personally, I liked the small houses next to each other, the small gardens that were very accessible, and each one had its own “special seal”. About the retreat program: I really appreciated the method, the gradual entry into the retreat. What pedagogy! A time for sharing at the beginning, an introduction, but then an invitation to more silence. I’m very satisfied with what I received during this retreat, which nourishes my desire to strive for greater union with Jesus.


To find, to recover, to receive, to lose, these are verbs that can go with this word hope. Yes, sometimes we can find ourselves at a dead end in our lives, where everything is dark, where joy is missing, and then we think we’ve lost hope that things will get better… For me, I really rediscovered that hope during a spiritual retreat last July. At the end of my one-week retreat based on the Exercises of St. Ignatius, and thanks to the Word of God, I rediscovered hope in my heart.


I liked the concrete way in which the Word of God was brought to light. I think from now on I’ll enjoy the Scriptures more and pay more attention to what God can say to me and to us through them. Thank you for making us feel how the Lord works. 


This week has brought me peace. I’m sure that God is always with us, guiding us. Through the different texts of the Bible, I felt like a little girl in the arms of the Father.  


We were expecting something different, but we’re happy we experienced strong moments! With you, we had to make a big effort on ourselves, which was not easy, but so rich! The time we spent together as a couple led us into a beautiful dialogue… it’s not easy to talk our struggles, but I feel closer to him and I’m happy to have been able to lay down my burden… I’m happy that there was such a high level of trust and prayer within the team. I think we’ve taken sharing to a whole new level.  

Cécile, couples weekend retreat 

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